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"Accomplish our mentor program"

I am impressed with how thoughtful, simple, and flexible the platform design is to use. It is a really great solution for us to accomplish our mentor program.

Mentor Match
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How It Works

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Smart Matching Algorithm

Design your matching around fields that are unique and important to you. 

Peer or Group Support

Offer mentees one on one and group support in our platform. 

Learning Tracks and Courses

Train and certify mentors through courses designed within the platform. 

Goals & Activity Reporting

Track your goals, outcomes, activity reporting with our robust tools. 


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Easy Onboarding Setup

Four steps to going live with your mentoring software.

From setting up your intake forms to perfecting your unique smart matching algorithm, we are with you each step of the way. We bring our expertise from the work with all of our clients to give you the very best thinking around mentorship.

1. Identify and train your mentors through our learning management system (LMS).

2. Set the criteria for how you'd like to match your mentees and mentors for the smatch matching algorithm. 

3. Register your mentees or send them a form to complete.

4. GO LIVE and track goals, activity, and outcomes to prove how your mentees are finding success within your mentoring program

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What They're Saying

Think Natives technology is so useful, it’s hard to believe it is as unique, cutting edge, and special as it is. The team has worked diligently to serve our mission, going far above and beyond the scope of their responsibilities. They have truly been a partner to us as their technology helps us reach dozens of lonely, lost, and hurting people all around the country. Founder & CEO of Share The Struggle
Think Native has made the Samson Society scalable, giving us the capacity to welcome and integrate new members from all around the world. Founder & CEO of Samson Society
Think Native’s platform is revolutionizing the type of breast health patient navigation and care we can offer our communities. We are thrilled to be on the front end of this type of innovation. It has the potential to positively change the status of breast cancer {mentorship} in our state. CEO of Susan G. Komen (OK)
I am impressed with how thoughtful, simple, and flexible the platform design is to use. It is a really great solution for us to accomplish our mentor program. Founder & CEO of Mentor Match


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Monthly License

For the first 1k (minimum) users it is 97¢ per month. This includes full access to Connections, Groups, and Resources. Beyond 1k users requires custom pricing. 

97¢ / per monthly user

Turnkey Onboarding

All Onboarding is fully Turnkey and typically takes between 4-6 weeks to install. Each onboarding client is provided a dedicated Client Sucess Manager. 


Ongoing Services

Additional Services are available to clients who would like to extend the user training or would like us to develop their mentorship training curriculum. 

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